About Us

We provide professional framing that includes Conservation framing for collectors’ art pieces. We use high quality materials like sile or teak wood as per customer’s requirement.

Most professional framing services have a stome in shopping malls for retail purpose and have a workshop to perform the framing work and thus incur a high cost which will need to be passed to customers. We operate directly from 1 location reducing the high retail cost, thereby providing the best value for money.

We Serve

Artists & Gallery

Companies & Corporate

Collectors & Home Owners

We create innovative design to match art piece and also the environment.

Our Promise

We acknowledge every piece of customer’s item is invaluable.
The artwork itself must retain it’s original condition if not better
when it leave our premise. Our framing method is reversible
such that removal or re-framing of the artwork will not
compromise it’s condition.

For exclusive frame design, we use silk or linen for lining
borders. For conservation needs, we use acid-free materials
and UV Plexiglas to protect the original artwork

We provide frame design consultation to customer depending
on the artwork, customer’s taste and matching to it’s environment

Quality is determined by use of choice materials, defect-free
workmanship and design for strength and durability

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