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Framing Services – Moden Art & Frames
  • Modern Art Gallery & Frames

    We provide professional framing that includes Conservation framing for collectors’ art pieces. We use high quality materials like sile or teak wood as per customer’s requirement.

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  • Modern Art Gallery & Frames

    At Modern Art Framers, we make your Art shine and keep your memories alive. We provide innovative framing solutions for your needs.

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Showcasing your masterpiece has never been more brilliant!

Our Services

We do custom framing for :

Art Pieces : Oil / Acrylic on canvas, Chinese painting / calligraphy, Watercolour, Charcoal / Pen / Pencil, Mixed media.

We are adept at using special materials for framing:

  1. Teak, Ash, Pine wood frames with various finishing requirement including varnishing, painting. Pre-finisihed wood or aluminium frames of over 100 designs. We use stretcher bars for canvas of the highest grade – solid redwood bars treated against unwanted pest.
  2. Conservation grade materials like Backing board, Conservation Matting, Hinges, Adhesives and tapes
  3. Special border effects using Silk, Linen of a selection of colours

Oversized work of 14 feet length frame of canvas art

Specially customized frame with 2 different types of frames for the upper and lower halves and fully charcoaled over

Specially customized frame with only frame on 2 sides for a canvas

Special canvas work by artist with hole in the middle, carefully stretched and given a black backing as required by the artist for his work.

Chinese Calligraphy given a contemporary style with silk border and shiny gold frame

Chinese Painting floated above the black linen backing in a box frame.

Framing for famous Watercolourist Mr Peh Eng Seng solo exhibition

Business: Certificates, Posters, Licenses, Advertisements

  1. We can provide high quantities framing in hundreds to thousand.
  2. We work extensively with Interior Designers and direct with customers to provide mirror frames for commercial spaces like cafes and also residential
  3. We also with extensively with event companies that provide branding, advertising, decorative frames for events like trade shows, wedding etc.

Transformed from a crumpled certificate from customer to being flattened and nicely framed.

Mementos: Photographs, Letters, 3-D objects box frame, Acrylic box frames, Collectibles, Maps, Tapestries / Carpets

We provide wide ranging framing for very unique and challenging items. We enjoy the challenges of serving customers to solve their framing problems.

Decorative canvas for event

Mirror frame at customer’s home

Framing of a thick piece of glass art which is very heavy

Framing of a 3 Dimensional paper cut art pieces in a box frame

Framing of a heavy Pewter metal art piece in floating style

Framing of a collectible thick Plaster art, raised against a linen backing in a box frame

Framing of a FengShui disc with auspicious coins all round in a box frame for a FengShui customer

Framing of a suspended golf ball to commemorate a special event for customer

c8 c7

Double sided view through framing of commemorative notes

Additional Services:

  1. Collection, Delivery and Installation
  2. Old photographs retouching

Frames delivery and installation at customer home

Before and after effects of old photo retouching.

Why Choose Us!

We provide professional framing that includes Conservation framing for collectors’ art pieces.
We use high quality materials like sile or teak wood as per customer’s requirement


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